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It leverages and extends your existing trusted devices, is compatible with Apple® and Android™ operating systems, and eliminates roaming charges.


You can take Iridium GO! anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust, and rough use.


Combining the best that both satellite and cellular phones offer, Iridium GO! is the first in a whole new category of personal satellite connectivity devices.


Jet Water Resistant, Shock Resistant, Dust Proof: Required by: Emergency and first responders, Government and NGOs and Military Operations. Always ready for every need!

The Iridium GO!

Turns your cell phone into a satphone.

With the Iridium GO! you can use your cell phone anywhere on the planet. Paired with the world's only truly global network, Iridium, you will have coverage anywhere you need it. If you are in the middle of the ocean or even the wilderness in Europe you are always connected; guaranteed!

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The Iridium Extreme

Iridium's Rugged and Reliable SatPhone!

Rugged, Reliable, and Always Ready for any emergency and also anything mother nature can throw at it. You are always ready with the Iridium Extreme. It runs on Iridium's network which is the world's only truly global network. From pole to pole no matter where you are on the planet you are covered with a strong signal; Guaranteed!

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The Iridium 9555

Your own personal global connection

Mobile communications can expand frontiers, create opportunities, and establish critical lifelines. But only when it works.

From distant rigs to pitching decks, baking deserts to frozen ice packs, the Iridium 9555 satellite phone can handle any environment. It is small but determined, sleek but industrial grade, easy to use but powerful. It is every bit as rugged as our previous handsets – still industrial grade, and packed with innovative new features.

The Iridium 9555 is not only the small, but it’s also powerful. With a significantly reduced footprint from previous phones, a more hand-friendly form factor, and aerodynamic features such as an internally stowed antenna, this sleek handset is designed to easily go wherever you need it to.

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Iridium 9505a Image

The Iridium 9505a

Built tough for mother nature.

The Iridium 9505a satellite phone is built for the toughest environments, and brings the capability for secure communications anywhere you need to be when used with the Iridium Security Module. Manufactured in the US, this handset is ideal for military use and is the only satellite phone available for provisioning on the US Department of Defense Gateway. The 9505a is non-RoHS and is also commercially available for purchase for military and commercial use in approved countries.

The Iridium 9505a is water, shock, and dust resistant – built to handle the harshest conditions and use. No matter where in the world you or your personnel needs to be, the Iridium 9505a will keep you connected, everywhere. No other network in the world offers customers secure communication capability from anywhere on the planet. Only the Iridium network commands real global coverage, pole to pole.


The Iridium 9505a features a quick access interface and hands-free headset, designed for ease-of-use on the move. It also has the capability to transmit and receive data with an RS232 adapter. Programmed with 21 language options, the Iridium 9505a is capable of two-way SMS communication.

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